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The Sheriff Adonai story finds its roots directly from God's Word.

The Bible tells us, "In the beginning, God Almighty created the heavens and the earth." He created the planets, the stars, the sun and all living things, including plants, animals and human life. God created a man named Adam and a woman named Eve as the first people. 

That's what is conveyed in this series with Adonai being God, himself and the earth being the Western Frontier. May God bless you as you walk down the dusty trail of life with Him!

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About D. Keith Jones

He is a motivational speaker, author, teacher, and Senior Pastor at Rock Pointe Church in Fort Oglethorpe, GA. He served as Assistant Vice President at a Fortune 200 company before dedicating his life to writing, teaching and ministry. In addition, he serves as the Talent Development Coordinator for Catoosa County Schools, Here to Career Academy. He and his wonderful wife, Nancy, have three grown children, seven grandchildren, and currently reside in North Georgia.

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The Encounter at Rock Pointe

A young man, a girlfriend, a mysterious stranger, and one single gold bullet. How far would you go to get revenge on those who brought pain into your life? Sheriff Adonai, The Encounter at Rock Pointe is the story of a young man, Misief, and his journey to stay one step ahead of a sheriff, a stranger and a broken past that is constantly pursuing him. 

Set in the Old West as the Oregon Trail is opening for passage, Misief struggles to survive in the unforgiving western wilderness after losing it all as a young boy. Meeting Nainsi, the girl of his dreams, she wonders if she can convince Misief to give up his old ways or will his past forever destroy any hope of a bright future. Will he surrender his fight or will he follow in the footsteps of those before him? You will laugh; you will cry; and you will cheer; but ultimately you will have to answer the question for yourself, "Are you going to surrender?"

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The Search for Havenwood

Abandoned clothing, a very special Christmas ornament, an empty cabin and memories of wonderful times together. How far would you go to find the missing love of your life?
Sheriff Adonai, The Search for Havenwood, is the second book in the Sheriff Adonai series. The saga continues, as Bracken and his new found friends embark upon a journey to find love that has slipped through their fingers. However, Lucas Benson and his cohorts are determined to ensure their mission ends in failure. 
Will the power of love be enough to overcome their fears? Does Nainsi forgive Misief? Will Nainsi and Misief have a future together? Does Jamison get the message from Sheriff Jachin? All of these, and many other questions, will be answered in this story that is filled with adventure, suspense, love, and mystery. You will laugh, you will cry, and you might even find yourself trembling in fear; but ultimately you will have to ask yourself the question, “Are you on the trail to Havenwood?”

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The Dancer's Letter

Every Monday morning at the Rock Springs Jail had begun the same way for over twenty years. From his dusty cell, Jamison Hunt religiously took out pen and paper and in an attempt to pour out his contrition, wrote a letter directly from his broken heart. How far would you go to try to seek forgiveness from the one you had hurt so badly?

Sheriff Adonai, The Dancer’s Letter, is the third book in the Sheriff Adonai series. With their family members taken away to Havenwood, Bracken, Heather and Samuel’s journey takes them back to the abandoned homestead of Jamison Hunt. After finding clues as to what occurred inside the Hunt cabin, Bracken makes the decision to finish what his father, Misief, had started years earlier.

But can they find her after so many years? If they do, will she listen to them or have the walls of hatred simply grown too high? This powerful story, which is filled with adventure, suspense, love, and mystery, will enrich your heart and remind you of the overwhelming power of forgiveness!

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